Thomas Hill Outfitters


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2017 Harvests

 Don, Bill, Dan

Come experience whitetail hunting in the Golden Triangle. We have properties in Pike, Brown, and Schuyler counties. This is some of the best whitetail hunting in the nation. All of our hunting is done on private farms. The land is planted with corn, soybeans, alfalfa, beans, and turnips. There are also large sections of hardwoods, grown up pastures, timbered draws, and creek bottoms.

All Hunts, both deer and turkey, are semi-guided. We have numerous stands on all the properties. Many of the setups are double stands. This will work great for a parent and child, or for someone that wants to video tape his/her hunt. Hunters are welcome to bring their own stands as well. It is recommended that all hunters wear a safety restraint at all times. We do have some available but we suggest you bring your own as you will then know it fits.



We have small food plots planted on each farm. Prior to your hunt you will be shown scrapes, rubs, bedding areas, food plots, and the property boundaries. If you harvest a deer we will retrieve it, field dress it, and skin or cape it for you if you would like. Some people do prefer doing this as part of their hunt.

Hunters should bring coolers for their meat. You will be able to buy ice in town, which is 1 mile away. We also have a freezer to keep your cape in.

We have no set minimum antler restrictions. We want you to enjoy your hunt, so you are allowed to shoot any size buck that makes you happy. If you do happen to shoot a buck at the beginning of your hunt you may hunt turkey for free.

There is a small 3D range located on site for practice.